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Today we’ll mix up the strength tools for a little bit of variety.

You can also do this workout with just bells or just sand bags. We’ll give you a bunch of other options.

To keep the workout flowing, this one will be performed circuit style on the timer with set work and rest.

Warm up with two rounds of kettlebell warm up.

The strength circuit will be performed 30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest for 30 minutes total.

Take your time on each movement performing each rep with good technique.

  • Sledge hammer hits or med ball slams
  • rope climb/modified rope climb, peg board or ring row
  • double kettlebell clean and press or sand bag clean and press
  • walkouts, power wheel rollouts or power wheel walks
  • sand bag or kettlebell front squats

Let us know how you did with this one.

Marine Mike!

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