Strength on Tuesday

Come and get your strength work in on Tuesday!

All areas will be covered with these three strength triplets.

60/30 x 3 rounds of each triplet

We will do 1 minute of work at each movement and rest for thirty seconds.

Do 30 seconds of movement on eachg side where appropriate or alternate sides for a minute depending on what exercise you selected.

Work hard and

Triplet 1

  • Split squat 
  • Renegade or 1 arm row
  • Side plank or twist

Triplet 2

  • Single leg deadlift
  • 1 arm press or see saw
  • Plank, crawl, or ab choice

Triplet 3

  • Row or kettlebell swing
  • Bike or step ups
  • Ski or squat thrust

Have a great Tuesday!