Go HARD then recover.

We’re going to have a blast on Thursday with these (go hard then recover) couplets.

There will be 5 couplets set up (2 exercses in each station)

Each station will be set up with a “go hard” exercise and a “go easy” exercise.

The object of this session is to work as hard as you can for fifty (50) seconds on first exercise and then use the second one to recover for 10 seconds (move easy).

Pace yourself on the work set (but work hard) so you can complete a total of 6 rounds on each couplet.

50/10 x 6 conditioning couplets

Couplet 1

  • Row (hard)
  • plank choice (recover)

Couplet 2

  • Ski (hard)
  • step up (recover)

Couplet 3

  • Bike (hard)
  • Bulgarian bag swings or side plank (recover)

Couplet 4

  • Sled (hard)
  • walk, jog, or Jumping jacks (recover)

Coupet 5

  • Burpee or squat thrust or even squat jumps (hard)
  • skaters (recover)

Let’s move to our potential and have some FUN!


If you have a  ROW for HOPE team but have not registered yet, please do so ASAP!

If you don’t plan on rowing, you can make a tax deductable donation here.

The event is May 13 at Goodsports USA in Wall.

Enjoy the rest of your week with your Training Room family!