Sometimes you JUST have to go long!

Wednesday will be a great day for LONGER intervals.

It makes sense to do long intervals the day after an intense strength session.

Time to get that blood flowing throught the extremities and flush out that metabolic waste.

At The Training Room, we’re looking out for your health and well being weather you realize it or not.


Make sure to show up on Wednesday!

The circuit will look like this.

  • Row or run
  • Bike or sled
  • Ski, squat thrust or burpee
  • Jump rope, high or LOW step ups

Here are the intervals for each round…

  1. 3 minutes on 1:30 off
  2. 2 minutes on 1 minute off
  3. 1 minute on 30 seconds off

In case you’re wondering, total training time on this one is 35:30

Now go out and crush your Wednesday!

FYI, ROW for HOPE is coming up on May 13.

Make sure to save the date and get your teams together.