Going OLD School on Wednesday

It’s a conditioning focus on Wednesday at The Training Room which also means it’s a great day for an old school conditioning circuit.

These interval circuits are a fun and efficient way to train the heart and lungs!

Speaking of the heart and lungs…

Have you registered for ROW for HOPE yet?

If not, go here and do that today!

Here’s your Wednesday conditioning circuit…

Intervals per round look like this:

  1. 30/25
  2. 30/20
  3. 25/15
  4. 20/10×2

Take a minute rest between each round.

The Circuit.

  • Jumping pull-ups or ketlebell high pulls
  • Mountain climb or shoulder taps
  • Kettlebell swings
  • Bike
  • 1/2 burpee or dumbbell push press
  • Body weight squat choice
  • Twist or Bulgarian bag
  • Ski erg

Keep crushing the TR week!