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Heavy or Light Strength

Tuesday you have the option to go heavy with lower reps OR a little lighter with higher reps!  You are STILL getting in a GREAT workout no matter which path you choose!

Let’s GO!!

Kettlebell or Bodyweight Strength Day

  • Heavy Option: 5 Sets of 5 Reps
  • Light or Moderate Option 5 Sets of 10 Reps

You can do this workout as a Circuit or Alternating with a Partner (you go, I go…)

Here are your Sets:

  1. Front squat or pistol squat
  2. Kettlebell row or Pull-up
  3. Floor press or push-up
  4. Abs choice
  5. Cardio Option – 10 calories or 100 jump rope
    • If you are doing the circuit option you can include this as set #5
    • OR you can save it for the end as a finisher (5 sets with a partner OR 5 sets with 30 seconds rest)

Here’s Tuesday’s Strength Video Workout!

30 work/ 30 light cardio or abs x 30 total sets (10 rounds):

  1. Snatch, swing, clean, broad jump, or supermans / JR or JJs
  2. Push ups, Hindus, downdogs, push-Press /  run in place, step ups
  3. Long cycle, rows, pull-ups / cardio choice

Possibly a finisher if you are up for it!

Here is the link to workout with us!