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Heavy or NOT

Hey Training Room friends!

Always listen to your body.

Is it telling you that you should go a little bit heavier and challenge yourself with some weights, or maybe back off and work on balance, mobilty and some cool body weight things?

Whatever it may be saying, we have the answer on any given day of the week!
Friday is a strength day and we can even make this “Skinny Mike” friendly!


30/30  x 5 rounds of heavy, heavy-ish or not so heavy sets
  • Any type of dead lift or hinge
  • Chest or shoulder press/landmine/jammer press from any position or push up option
  • Any Pull-up angle
  • Any ab movement
  • Easy cardio (perhaps some pulsing or sled work)

Finisher (always optional)

Single or double kettlebell

  • 30 seconds of cleans
  • 30 seconds rack hold x 4 rounds

Have a great Friday!

Reminder…Beers and Bells are Friday in Manasquan at 6 PM.