Heavy Strength with a Fast Finish!

Let’s focus on heavy strength for Tuesday at The Training Room.

It’s ALL relative, and THE BASICS are what make us better!


Fancy and sexy chaotic exercises are great to watch on Instagram, but the FACT is these types of movements can easily injure and side line the best of us.

Forget about the nonsense!

Listen to us and keep it simple.

This is true about most health related topics including your DIET!

It’s repetative basics (sometimes boring) movements that keep us strong and healthy late into our lives.


We would NOT steer you in the wrong direction,.

Take a look at Tuesdays strength session….

30 seconds of work with a thirty second rest of the following strength circuit.

5 rounds

  • Pull up variations
  • Kettlebell or sandbag front squat or goblet squat
  • Bench, floor press or push-up, weighted push-up
  • Choice of hinge movement

Then finish with this 10 minute AMRAP

  • 10 calories (choice orf bike,row or ski)
  • 100 revolutions on the jump rope or 50 jumping jacks
  • 10/10 twist, Bulgarian bag swings, chops, mace etc
  • 10 Abs

We are looking forward to this years Turkey Day Relay and it look like there will be a record crowd for the event!

Have a great Tuesday!

Try squatting with a sandbag!