Good morning!

Yes, it’s challenge day.

We’ll give you three levels of this one today depending on your ability and fitness level.

Hope you enjoyed the kettlebell deck of cards yesterday. The Milkman and I both jumped into the 4pm class for some fun. It’s been a very long time since I’ve done that one.  It never disappoints.

We have quite the selection of decks these days thanks to someone ( you know who you are).

Any way, here’s today’s challenge workout.

Your choice of 50,40 or 30 reps of each movement/exercise.

Go through this one time for time using good technique!

  • Box jump or drop squat
  • Mountain climber (reps on each leg)
  • Jumping or kipping pull ups
  • Kettlebell swings
  • burpees
  • walk lunge with your kettlebell. Beginners can use body weight
  • Hanging knee raise or Power V-sit or 50 power wheel hand walks up and back
  • Kettlebell thruster (one or two hand using one bell)
  • 20 yard shuttle x 50 laps or 50 calories on the rower
How did you do and what weight bell did you use?

Don’t forget to foam roll!