It’s challenge day!

This must be one of my favorite single kettlebell challenge workouts.

One nice thing about this one is that it can be done anywhere and can also be modified to be done by just about anyone.

Advanced men should use a 24kg bell and advanced women should use a 16kg.

Otherwise, use whatever bell you can manage with good technique.

Kettlebell snatch/burpee couplet ladder challenge.

10-1 reps on the snatches each side

2-20 on the burpees

Alternate between snatches and burpees.  Start with 10 snatches r/l and go down to 1.

Go up by two’s on the burpees.

Complete this couplet as fast as possible.

Modifications:  If you have a problem with snatches, you will do swings or cleans.  You can also do snatch pulls.  If that’s the case, you will do 20-2 on the snatch pulls.

You can also modify the burpees by doing  squat thrusts or elevated squat thusts (on a bench)

Let us know how this went and what weight you used for this.

Have a great Tuesday!