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High Intensity Triplets

Wednesday is a Training Room Favorite!

You will have a longer warm up than usual because this workout is quick and intense while packing in a might punch of heart healthy benefits!

Try to maximize your transition times so that you get the most out of each 3 Minute Set!

Reminder if it’s raining tomorrow, we DO have the option to train INSIDE.  However, we still have to follow NJ Protocols outlined for inside training.

Here are your High Intensity Triplets:

20/20/20 x3 non-stop Triplets:

Triplet 1.

  • swing or snatch /
  • swing or snatch /
  • mountain climbers or fast paced shoulder taps

Triplet 2.

  • High pull /
  • sq press /
  • JJ or low impact cardio choice:

Triplet 3.

  • Drop squat or air squats /
  • 1/2 burpee or variation that works for you/
  • Ab (knees to chest, v-sits, bicycles… )

You will complete this for 2 FULL Rounds!

Bonus Round: 1x straight through at 30 second intervals.

This is sure to fire you up for a great rest of your week!



On the one minute mark, perform each triplet for 3 rounds.

Take a minute rest between each triplet.

Triplet 1 (3 rounds)
  • 50 jumping jacks or 100 Jump rope revolutions (rope flow options will be available)
  • 20 kettlebell swings, jumps, light deadlift
  • 10 burpees or 15 squat thrusts

Rest one minute

Triplet 2 (3 rounds)
  • 50 quick steps, knee slaps, or 10 shuttle runs
  • 20 air squats or box step ups
  • 20 knee tucks or controlled mountain climbers (sliders are good)

Rest one minute

Triplet 3 (3 rounds)
  • 20 skaters or lateral steps
  • 20 crab toe touches, or bicycles
  • 20 high pulls or Jump pulls

Here’s the link!