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Happy Monday!

What a great party this weekend!

Thank you all for coming!

I believe we had a record turn out.

Time to get back to work this week.

Here is your workout for today…

High Octane Conditioning:

Perform a movement followed by a bout of running, rowing, ski erg, or bike.

You can also substitute with jump rope (100 revs) or jumping jacks (50)

Go through this one time as fast as possible with out sacrificing form.

  • Run, row, or ski 250 meters
  • Snatch 10/10 reps
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 10/10 push-press
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 20 swings
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 20 squat thrust
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 20 jump, kip or fast assisted pull-ups
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 20/20 walk lunge w/kb
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 20 knees to chest, floor or bar
  • Run, row, or ski
  • 20 1/2 burpees.
Let us know how long this took you!