High Octane Conditioning

High Octane Conditioning is a crowd favorite!

Hey gang!

We will be starting our outdoor training on Thursday, but are still waiting for ALL of the survey results.

So far, it looks like Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the more popular days.

If you have not completed the survey, go here to do so.

We’re limiting class times until restrictions start to ease up.

More importantly, to keep everyone safe, we will not be sharing equipment and will be sticking with the 45 minute sessions along with the format we have been using for the last 11 weeks.

There will obviously be extra sanitizing apparatus.

Operation outdoor clean-up is also in effect, so you may see us outside at both gyms tidying things up!

Keep an eye opened here, on our private facebook page and your email for all the deets!

Here’s what we’ve got for you Wednesday!

High Octane Conditioning

45 seconds of work 15 seconds of rest x 3 rounds of FUN!

  • Cardio choice
  • swings
  • cardio choice
  • squat thrusts or squat press
  • cardio choice
  • skaters or other lateral movements
  • Cardio choice
  • High or Jump pulls
  • cardio choice
  • Bicycles, crab toes, sliding/ mountain climbers or sit through

Have a an awesome day.

Video below!