High Octane Conditioning

Saturday’s Conditioning Intervals are INTENSE!

No time to think…keep moving and keep a steady heart rate and increase or decrease the intensity as needed!

Be mindful of your form and technique, never sacrificing quality of movements for reps or speed!

Let’s Gooooo…

High Octane Conditioning

You will Work for 45 seconds & Rest for 15 seconds

Complete this circuit for a total of 3 rounds!

  1. Cardio choice
  2. swings
  3. cardio choice
  4. squat thrusts 
  5. cardio choice
  6. skaters
  7. Cardio choice
  8. High or Jump pulls
  9. cardio choice
  10. Bicycles, crab toes, or sit throughs

That’s a Wrap!  Have a FANTASTIC Weekend!

Here’s an Incredible Video Workout: