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Happy Thursday!

Time to get your row on!

Did you happen to notice that we throw in one long cardio day each week?

It’s usually a row or run.  Some of us don’t consider ourselves runners and some of us despise the rower.

That’s ok, pick an activity that you enjoy and crank it.

It’s also ok to get outside the comfort zone and do what you don’t enjoy.  That is, of course barring any injuries.  Some of use don’t run because of knee or lower leg issues, so we need to find another activity.

Today we’ll be rowing for 60 minutes as a team.

The whole idea here is to cover as much ground as we can in 60 minutes (3 or 4 person teams).  This workout can also be done as a run, bike, or whatever activity you choose.

The whole idea is to change things up a little and have some fun!

Rock on!