Hey guys…

Another reminder about the Holiday party which will start around 6pm.

All Training Room members are invited to this including Point Pleasant members.

Bring anyone you want.

I looks like Bubba will not disappoint us again this year with his culinary skills.

I also looks like Mose will be stepping up and representing the 7am crew with a few of his Italian specialties.

Tommy J is in charge of interior illumination…he’s the master illuminator!

I’m looking for a disco ball!

Anyone have one?

Challenge day is upon us!

Lets see how you do today compared to 4 weeks ago when we did this one.

Instead of fixing the session at 10 rounds, it’s up to you to try to get 10 rounds or break 10 rounds in 20 minutes of time.

And if you cannot perform kettlebell snatches, you can do one are swings or one arm high pulls.

Get as many rounds of the following movements as you can in 20 minutes.

Your goal is to break 10 rounds.

  • 5 burpees or squat thrusts
  • 10 kettlebell snatches or one handed high pulls
  • 15 mountain climbers
  • 20 kettlebell swings (sub jumping jacks if needed)
Here’s a video that explains it..

Enjoy, and let us know how you did with this.

How many rounds did you get?

Here’s a classic video with another evil advanced body weight option.