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Hey friends!

We will be running a modified schedule during the holidays.

Monday, Christmas Eve: There will be classes at 6,7 and 9 am in Avon and 6 and 8;45 in Point Beach. There will be no afternoon or evening classes in either gym.

Tuesday, Christmas Day: Both gyms closed.

Wednesday the 26th:  There will be no 6 am class in either gym or 7 no am class in Avon. We will only be holding the 8:45 in Point and 9 in Avon.

There will be no 7 pm class in Avon.  Everything else stays the same.

New Years Eve: We will run all morning classes. There will be no afternoon of evening classes.

New Years Day: Both gyms closed.

Now on to today’s workout….

Here’s a classic conditioning session.

20 w/10 r x 6 rounds at each station.

Take 2 minutes rest between each 6 round station.

  • Air squats, Drop squat or jumping split squats
  • Battling rope variations or sledge hammer hits
  • shuttle run or fast step-ups
  • Kettlebell High-pulls
  • Mountain climbers or bear crawls (forward/ backward)
  • Choice: Row, ski, airdyne, jump rope

Here’s a little video I did yesterday on sand bag get ups…