Manasquan:  732-964-4343  |  Avon:  732-988-1555 [email protected]

Hey friends!

Just a reminder that we are only running the 7:30 class Saturday morning in Avon.

Point Beach is regular schedule.

We will be running our kettlebell cert all weekend.

We also want to wish Nicky G and Chris aka Flintstone an awesome life together.

Enjoy your day guys!

See you when you get back from the honeymoon!

Your Saturday session is pretty simple and very efficient.

You will warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.

Your 25 minute single kettlebell interval workout…

15 seconds work/15 seconds rest x 10 rounds

Circuit through these movements…

The goal here is to find your rep scheme and stick to it throughout the entire 10 rounds.

For example: If you can get 6 kettlebell snatches in 15 seconds, try to maintain that pace.

  • Kettlebell snatch or swing (right)
  • Kettlebell snatch or swing (left)
  • Kettlebell push press or jerk (right)
  • Kettlebell push press or jerk (left)
  • walk outs, power wheel roll outs, hanging knee raises or knees to chest

Have a great Saturday!