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Hey Training Room people!

It looks like we”ve got some nice teams put together for the Training Room Olympics.

If you think you want to take part in the TR Olympics but don”t have a team, put your name up on the board at the gym.

Go here to sign up for this event.


Our Kids Fitness program starts up this week.

Classes will be Tuesday and Thursday night at 5pm.

Go here for more info and to sign up.

Don”t forget about Yoga tomorrow with Alicia at 7pm in Point Beach.

This is a FREE class, and Alicia is an amazing instructor so take advantage of this.

We hope you are enjoying this half of the week…

We”ve got some simple conditioning in store for you today…

So, there is no detailed description of this one.

We will give you three options to choose from.

YOU GO I GO format.

Choose from the rower, ski erg, watt bike or run.

  • Level 1: 5 x 500 meters
  • Level 2: 3 x 750 meters
  • Level 3: 3-4 x 1000 meters

Enjoy the day!