Life is Intervals

It’s true the life comes in Intervals (eg. running to catch the train, going up the stairs, reacting to a stressful situation)

We ALL need to be prepared for ANYTHING that’s thown at us!

Training Room Characters!

Anyone can give you a workout that will kick your ass.

That’s easy…

The magic is in the programming and the changing of intensities so that you don’t overtrain and injure yourself.

FYI, check our INSTA STORIES for the video!

This is why we set up our training the way we do.

Nothing elaborite here, but lot’s of thought goes into the process.

Intervals and sets will be like this…

  1. 60/30
  2. 50/25
  3. 40/20
  4. 30/15
  5. 20/10

Rest 1 minutes between each round of the circuit.

Here’s the circuit

  1. Row
  2. squat thrust
  3. Skater options (lateral movements) or agility ladder
  4. bike
  5. ski
  6. steps, running, or jump rope

Push yourself on these intervals and take your rests to recover from each one.

Have a great Friday and enjoy the rest of your long weekend!

We will be running an 8 AM class ONLY on Monday (Memorial Day)