it’s isotonic and isometric STRENTH day for all of us Training Room characters.

In other words, if you care, we will be moving our joints through full range of motion (isotonic) for a certain period of time and THEN…

There will be a static hold (isometric).

Both types of contractions have a carry over to LIFE!

For example, picking a up a log off the ground (isotonic), holding it and carrying it to the wood pile (isometric) and putting it in its proper place (isotonic).

A little fitness vocabulary and education for you!

You’re welcome!

It was great to see such a BIG turnout for the Sunday interval training class at 8 AM!

This will be happening for the next 10 weeks!

A few Training Room Characters Spotted out in the Wild!

We don’t want you to miss a thing!

Training Room Events to keep you busy, engaged in physical activity and to have some FUN!

Here’s your isotonic and isometrtic strength circuit for Monday.

60/30 x 4 rounds of

  • Full range of motion for 30 seconds
  • Static hold for 30 seconds
  • 30 seconds rest
Strength Circuit
  • Ring row or kettlebell or dumbbell row
  • Squat or split squat
  • Push-ups
  • Body weight hinge or Superman
  • Ab choice
  • 30 seconds easy
  • GO 30 seconds  hard!
  • 30 seconds recovery
  • Row
  • Bike
  • Ski
  • JJs or JR or sled
  • squat thrust or slam
This Weeks Challenge!

Choice of Row / Bike / Ski / or Run

250 meters x 5 with an exact 1 minute rest after each 250.

  • Start the timer on zero and perform the 250
  • As soon as the 250 is complete start your 1 minute rest
  • Once your exact minute rest is over start your next 250
  • The workout is over after the 5th 250.
  • In order for this to be done correctly you must start the interval exactly at the 1 minute mark, no sooner!
  • The official time is when the last 250 is complete.

Have FUN!

Here’s a similar isotonic and isometric strength workout to follow along to at home!