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A crowd favorite.

Six movements…

Perform each movement for 30 seconds non stop….

Take 1:30 rest after completing each 30 second interval at each of the stations..

This is 3 minutes of work with 1:30 rest, and a great combat conditioning workout.

Repeat 5 more times for a total of 6 rounds.

If performing in a group setting, line up one, two or even three at a time and follow each other through this circuit.

This is a fun workout when done with a large group of people.

Today’s Movements:

  • Jumping pull ups
  • Mountain climber
  • Kettlebell high pull
  • 1/2 Burpee
  • Star Jump
  • Shuttle run/Prowler

Let us know how it went.

I just added the video explanation to the library filed under conditioning workouts and “follow the leader explained”

I also put a few clips of our 9 am group.