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Stop wasting your time in the gym with ineffective training!

If you think you need to spend 2 hours at the club, you are grossly mistaken.

Look what you can do with just one kettlebell.

This is 18 minutes of hard work.

Do 30 seconds of work at each movement without rest.

Transition from one movement to the next.

Take 1:30 rest after each round
  1. Kettlebell swings
  2. Burpees or squat thrusts 
  3. Kettlebell snatches  
  4. Mountain climbers 
  5. Kettlebell high pulls 
  6. Kettlebell thusters 

Here are a few tips:

  • If you do 1 handed swings, alternate arms with each round 
  • Switch hands with each round on snatches complete each 30 second interval with one side
  • Do full range of motion with your moutain climbers, drive the knees to the chest. 
  • keep the elbows high on the high pulls, do them dead from the floor or with a swing  
  • thrusters can be one handed or two handed, use full range of motion with a full squat and lockout overhead. 

Check out our client Dock “Boom Boom” Colmer tearing it up on the xzylophone!

Not something you see every day.

I should have some video up of the workout some time today. In th mean time, enjoy Boom Boom.