Happy Monday!

We’re looking forward to another great week of training.

It was also a great weekend. I spent Saturday afternoon with a group of highly motivated strength professionals at the Level 2 Underground Strength Certification with my good friend Zach Even esh. Surrounding yourself with like minded and fired up individuals always adds some fuel to the fire, so get ready for some big things here at The Training Room.

This week we’ll start the live broadcast of our classes. We will be broadcasting at least one class per week from start to finish giving you the inside look of what goes on at The Training Room.

As for the workout, today we will be doing a kettlebell 5×5

Go heavy!

Start out with joint mobility and then kettlebell warm up.

Do 5 sets of 5 reps or 3 sets of ten reps (your choice)

  • Double kettlebell jerks or push presses
  • split squats
  • renengade rows
  • single leg dead lift
  • Get ups or slow ab mat sit ups

Have a productive day!

Don’t forget, Tom Bilella will be speaking this Wednesday night at 7pm