Kettlebell and Body Weight Magic!

Classic kettlebell and Body Weight Conditioning for Monday!

The classics NEVER get old, only better. We’ve got a classic Training Room bell and body weight conditioning session lined up for Monday.

These types of sessions are amazingly efficient and effective way of getting a lot of work done in a reasonably short period of time.

You really don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to kick off your week in this manner.

BTW, the Training Room app is back up and operational.

If you don’t have this on your phone, don’t hesitate to go directly to the app store and download it NOW.

This will be the best way of recieving our daily workouts.

Make sure to ALLOW for push notifications so that you know when it’s been updated with the daily workout.

Let’s attack this week like it’s our JOB.

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Here’s Monday’s conditioning workout.

As usual, there will be both bell and body weight options to choose from.

Each set will be a 3 minute set…

Perform twenty seconds of each movement non-stop for 3 rounds at each triplet (set of 3 exercises or mini-circuit)

Triplet 1 (20/20/20 x 3 rounds)

  • Step up or 1 arm swing (right side)
  • Step up or 1 arm swing (left side)
  • Mountain climber or shoulder taps

Conditioning Triplet 2 (20/20/20 x 3 rounds)

  • High pull or clean
  • squat press
  • Jumping jacks or skaters

Triplet 3 (20/20/20 x 3 rounds)

  • Air or drop squat
  • Half  burp or push-up
  • ab choice

As usual, we will go through this entire sequence 2 times and then finish up with a run straight through ALL 9 exercises 1 time.

Have an amazing week in and out of The Training Room!