Old School Kettlebell and Body Weight at The Training Room

Going back to the old school with a fun but efficiently challenging kettlebell and body weight stationary strength circuit.

Yes, Wednesday is a strength focus so don’t miss it…

We will go through various movements in the prescribed order.

You can substitute more challenging movements when needed and also back off where you fell it’s appropriate.

Maybe give this single leg deadlift variation a try!

Either way, push through this one with purpose and great technique.

Go through this for 30 minutes!

Take your time and do it right!

  • 10 swings, snatches or supermans
  • 10 push-ups
  • 10 cleans or single leg deadlift
  • 10 overhead presses or shoulder taps
  • 10 squat choice
  • 10 row choice
  • 10 ab choice
  • 10 calories choice,100 jump rope, or 100 jumping jacks

Why not try out this 1 arm row variaiton with added band resistance. As you pull, the band creates more resistance.

Have a fantastic Wednesday in and out of the gym!