Classic Kettlebell and Body Weight Conditioning

Wednesday’s classic kettlebell and body weight conditioning session is one of our signatures.

This efficient and challenging session is always a Training Room favorite and is what you need to get you charged up on Wednesday!

Do 20 seconds of each exercise non-stop for 3 rounds for a total of 3 minutes.

We wil do this for each triplet and repeat all 3 triplets for 2 total rounds.

At the end, we will blast through all 9 movements (doing each one for 30 seconds)

Here are your triplets.

Triplet 1 (3 minutes)

  • Step-up or kettlebell swing (r)
  • Step-up or kettlebell swing (l)
  • Mountain climb

Triplet 2 (3 minutes)

  • High pull
  • Squat press or squat thrust
  • Jumping jacks or jump rope

Triplet 3 (3 minutes)

  • Air squat, drop squat or jump squat 
  • 1/2 burpee or knee tuck (you can also use sliders)
  • Ab choice or Bulgarian bag

Let’s enjoy our Wednesday!

Make sure to register for the Fit 25 Challenge!

Here’s the link!

The afterparty will be at the Marina Buildling in Avon.