Go down the ladder on each movement from 10-1 using one kettlebell

Go through the movements in this order circuit style

  • Kettlebell swings
  • Mountain climbers 
  • Rower (calories) or Jump rope (100-10 revs) 
  • kettlebell clean/squats 
  • Burpees 

The only time you will need to leave the area is if you decide to use the rower. Otherwise, stay in one spot with your kettlebell and jump rope.

Who wants a piece?

Sign up for our Foundations Class this Saturday from 9-10:30. 

You will learn a ton of stuff that day, and this will be the perfect opportunity to join our family.

For all of our existing family, if you have any freinds of relatives who you think may want a piece, send them in!!

If they sign up, you will get a free month of training!

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