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Hey guys!

It’s challenge day…

Today’s challenge can be done with a partner or solo with very minimal equipment.

We will warm up with a kettlebell and body weight circuit warm up that looks like this.

20 seconds work/20 seconds rest x 3 rounds

  • Body weight rows
  • Body weight squats
  • Push ups
  • kettlebell swings (second round snatch or swing and third round snatch or swing other arm)
  • Choice of cardio (bike,row,ski erg)

Here’s your challenge…

Partners do a total of the following reps between them.

Complete one movement before moving on to the next…

Alternate with your partner so that you rest when your partner works.

  • 100 calories (total between partners or 50 per person)
  • 200 kettlebell snatches or swings (100 per person)
  • 300 mountain climbers (150 per leg per person)

This can also be done solo.

Let us know how you do.

Enjoy your Friday!

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