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We hope you all had a great weekend!

Don’t forget…

We’ve got Youth Fitness and Athletic development starting up July 8

Here’s the sign up info.

Let’s get after it this week!

Beach season is here and we need to look good!

We’ll kick off the week with some strength.

The whole idea is to increase the weight with each round and do 5 rounds of the following movements.

  • 5/5 swings
  • 10 push-ups( try to increase the difficulty each round by trying different variations or adding weight)
  • 5/5 squat, 10 goblet squat or split squat
  • 5/5 row or 5 pull-ups
  • 5/5 presses
  • 5 walkouts or Power wheel roll outs
Let’s go!!

Have a great week!

Who wants a piece of the Milkman climbing challenge??