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I know you all had a great time with yesterdays challenge workout.

Today we’ll be doing timed 10 minute couplets.

Pick up something on the moderately heavy side today and challenge yourself.

If you’re feeling a little jacked up from yesterday, then listen to your body and take this as a recovery day.

Remember, we do need to rest sometimes!

Do your joint mobility and your 2 round kettlebell warm up.

You will be doing 2 different 10 minute couplets: 15 seconds work/15 seconds rest for 20 sets (10 minutes)

Stick to a consistent rep scheme through out the 10 minute set here.

Couplet 1:

  • Kettebell jerks or push press (right)
  • Kettlebell jerks or push press (left)

Or Double kettlebell clean and press 15w/15R for 10 minutes

Couplet 2:

  • V sits or prone swing set/suspended knees to chest
  • Body weight rows


Bottom to bottom Tabata squats 20/10x 6 rounds of awesomeness!!

How did you feel on this, what weights did you use and what was your average rep scheme.