Here’s a great minimal equipment workout that can be done anywhere with a kettlebell and body weight movements.

We will go through this strength/conditioning circuit working for one minute and resting for 15 seconds.

Switch sides at the 30 second mark where needed.

Use controlled movements where appropriate and as always,  focus in technique.

Transition from one to the next.

It looks like we’ll be outside today.

Here’s the four round continuous circuit:

  • One handed kettlebell swings R/L
  • Hindu push ups
  • One arm Kettlebell rows or one arm ring rows
  • Kettlebell tactical lunge(alternate): you can also hold a heavy med ball, dumbells or even a sandbag for this.
  • Inch worm forward and backward

Hey! Check the video library under video interviews.

I just did a video interview with my friend and Underground Strength Coach,  Zach Even Esh.  Zach talks about short and intense training and how he gets it all done with 15 minute sessions.

He also talks about how he trains his athletes and the coaches that inspire him.

You will notice that I only really had to ask him a few questions.  He gets so excited about what he does, and this is one big reason that he is so successful in the fitness industry.