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Happy Saturday!

It’s a little crisp out there, but it feels awesome!

Today we’ll combine some basic posterior chain kettlebell movements with some great mid line stabilization training.

We’ll throw a little grip work in and call it a day!

We’ll do our normal joint mobility and 2 round kettlebell warm up.

Do this circuit style:

60 seconds work/30 seconds rest non-stop for 4 rounds

  • Kettlebell or dumbell overhead walks
  • Waking lunges ( holding kettlebells or dumbells to the sides or racked)
  • Power wheel walks, walkouts or plank
  • Hand to hand kettlebell swings
  • Rope climb, modified rope climb or alternate arm ring row

Have fun with this.

Let us know if you need to make any modifications.  You can pretty much bust this out anywhere with minimal equipment.

Have a great weekend!