Hey guys!

We hope you are having a great week so far.

Just a reminder to you that Thursday’s session will be at 8 am in both gyms.

Avon will be on the beach.

This is our only class for the day.

On Friday, we will hold only morning sessions in both gyms.

Avon: 6,7 and 9 am

Point: 6 and 9:15

Now on to this extremely efficient training session.

Warm up with the two round kettlebell warm up…

We will do 15 second work intervals with 15 seconds of rest between each for 10 rounds (25 minutes)…

  • Push-up (any variation such as regular,Hindu,weighted,ring,elevated etc..)
  • ring row (any variation)
  • Pistol or assisted pistol (Left) or split sq (Left)
  • Pistol or assisted pistol (Right) or split squat (Right)
  • Ab choice (power wheel, suspended knees to chest,walkouts,hanging knee raises etc..)

Try to maintain the same rep scheme through out.

This will make it easy to keep track of your reps.

Enjoy your day!