Kettlebell and Body Weight Strength Couplets

Tuesday is a strength focus and these kettlebell and body weight strength couplets will be waiting for you at The Training Room! 

As usual, there are options for ALL levels including some advanced more moves if you want a challenge!

Strength Couplet 1: 35/25 x 10 sets

  • Pull-up options or ring row options
  • Push-up options (there are many)

Strength Couplet 2: 35/25 x 10 sets

  • Single leg dead lift or RDL (more of a straight leg)
  • Goblet squat

FInish: 10 reps or 10 calories for 10 Minutes (stationary)

  • Kettlebell or dumbbell curls
  • Kettlebell or dumbbell triceps
  • Ab Choice
  • Cardio choice

Go out and have a solid Tuesday!