Here we go!

After yesterday’s challenge beat down, here’s a little more variety for you.

We’ll start out with some joint mobility and then a two round kettlebell warm up.

Today we’ll mix up body weight and kettlebell movements with a focus on stability.

We’ll do 4 rounds of 60/30 work/rest intervals and take one minute rest between rounds.

  • Alternate arm ring rows. If you don’t have rings, do one arm rows with a kettlebell or dumbell.
  • Overhead walking lunges (hold a plate, med ball, dumbells,kettlebells,or sand bag overhead. If your shoulders fatigue, lower the weight to the rack position)
  • Abdominal movement choice (it’s up to you)
  • Double alternate kettlebell cleans
  • Power wheel walks, lateral moving plank, hand walks around the tire.

Check the Video library under Kettlebell Body Weight Workouts and click on “Kettlebell and Body Weight Circuit” to see the explanation of this workout.

Have a great Wednesday!

Are you ready for the Marathon Row? It looks like it will be held at The Norwood in this year on September 26. We’re not sure of the time yet, we’ll keep you posted.