Happy Tuesday!

We’re on a roll this week and pulling out all the classics.

The Milkman is in somewhere in Texas hopefully relaxing.

Starting out with joint mobility and body weight movements to warm up.

Then we’ll practice kettlebell skill work before moving on to the workout.

This deck of cards workout is a great strength and conditioning combo.

Go through the deck at a steady and consistent pace.

We’ll wait for everyone to finish before we pull the next card, so don’t hold up the group.

  • Hearts=kettlebell clean squats
  • Diamonds=Push ups or hindu push ups
  • Spades=kettlebell on arm rows, ring rows or pull ups
  • Clubs=v-sits

Aces=12 reps

Jokers= 10 burpees

Here are some simple pull up progressions.

Start out with a light kid and progress to a heavier kid.