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Here’s a great one kettlebell blaster for you on this incredible Wednesday morning.

We’ll start out with our standard kettlebell warm up after we do about 5 minutes of joint mobility to wake up the body.

Use a lighter bell for the first round of your warm up and then go a little heavier on the second warm up round.

Go to the video library to see the warm up.

We’ll do 4 rounds of this workout:

Perform 30 seconds of work on each side (one minute total) of each movement non-stop until you get through all of the movements.

Take 1:30-2min rest between rounds.

  • Kettlebell swings r/l
  • Kettlebell cleans r/l
  • Kettlebell push press r/l
  • Kettlebell front squat r/l
  • One arm rows r/l
  • walkouts

This will be 6 minutes of work on each round.

Get ready for the Kettlebell and Body Weight Team Relay Challenge on August 15.

Go here for the details.