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Hey guys and gals!

We had a great seminar last night with Jonny Hinds from Monkey Bar Gym last night.

He spoke about his “Lean and Green” plant based diet which definitely help shed some light on that subject for me.

He had plenty of great personal stories and research of why we, as human beings should not be ingesting animal protein but should get all of our nutrients from high quality plants.

To read more about Jonny, and his nutritional and training systems, you can check out his blog here.

Todays workout!

Kettlebell Deck of Cards:

All you need is one kettlebell!

  • Hearts=Kettlebell snatches or cleans
  • Diamonds=kettlebell jerks or push presses
  • Clubs= Kettlebell split or front squats
  • Spades=v-sits or hanging knee raises

Split the reps up between sides.

Aces=12 reps

Jokers= 10 burpees

Go as heavy as possible with little rest between cards.

Have a great day~!