Here's a spin off of my workout yesterday that we translated into our groups today!

This was simple,efficiant, and challenging

Do 15 seconds of work/15 seconds of rest for 15 minutes of each triplet

First Triplet

  • Kettlebell snatch (right)
  • kettlebell snatch (left)
  • Burpees

Second Triplet
  • kettlebell push press or jerk(right)
  • kettlebell push press or jerk (left)
  • V-sit

Take one minute rest between each triplet

The idea here is to find your pace and stick with it. If you are doing 7/7 snatches and 6 burpees in the 15 second interval, keep that pace for the entire 15 minutes.

For some reason, If you do not feel comfortable doing snatches, do one handed swings.

If you think your technique sucks, we are holding our Foundations Class (intro class) on Saturday, June 6 from 9-10 am.

This class was designed to teach you proper technique in the basic kettlebell movements and help prepare you for our group classes.

If you know anyone who may be interested in joining our group training, please pass this on to them.

The cost is $30 for an hour of our world class training.

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