Hey hey!

Let’s kick this day off right with some classic double kettlebell strength and conditioning complexes!

Do your 5 minute joint mobility routine followed by two rounds of kettlebell warm up to get you prepped.

This workout can be done with dumbells or kettlebells.

Man/Woman Maker Complex 5×5

Start out with one warm up set with lighter bells, then move up and complete 5 sets of 5 reps of the following complex.

One rep=

    • Push up with hands on the bells
    • Renegade row right
    • Push up
    • Renegade row left
    • Hop up to the bells and clean them
    • squat
    • finish with a press

Here’s a review of the Man Maker from The Milkman…

Beginners can do 5×5 of each movement separately

  • 5-10 push ups x 5 rounds
  • 5/5 one arm rows x 5 rounds
  • 5/5 clean, squat press x 5 rounds

Take 2 minutes rest between each set of 5 reps.
Let us know how you did and what weights you used for this.