Hey everyone!

Just a reminder that the Training Room Holiday Party is on December 15.

Stop in any time after 5pm at the Avon gym.

There’s a list up on the board if you wish to bring something.

We’ve been having this get together every year since we’ve been opened, so this will be our 12th year.

Every year seems to get better.

Here’s today’s strength workout:

5×5 strength…

  • Double kettlebell Front squats
  • Double swing or snatch for advanced
  • 5×10 heavy swings (beginners)
  • Double strict press BB or KB
  • Pull-ups, band, regular or weight
  • Get ups 5×1, walkouts 5×5 or rollouts 5×5

Let us know how you made out with this.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Jason, John and John did the TR Olympics as a 3 person team and finished not far behind us.

Awesome job boys!