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Hey freaky Training Room people..

We will continue with our 5×5 format.

Today we’ll give you the choice between the bar or the bells.

For those of you who plan on competing in the TSC in May and need help with your DL technique, make sure to hit me up.

The DL has been my favorite lately and I have been working hard on perfecting it.

We’ll warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up..

  • two handed swings 10 / second round 4/4 two handed swings
  • push ups 10 /push ups 8
  • high pulls 10/cleans 4/4
  • press 5/press 4/4
  • squat 5
  • thruster 5
  • one arm rows 5/5 / rows 4/4
  • jumping jacks 15
  • bicycles 15
Here’s your 5× can partner up or go solo..finish all 5 sets of one before moving on to the next.
  • BB/KB/trap-bar dead lift
  • KB floor press/or BB/DB bench press
  • Heavy 1 arm rows or renegade rows
Abs 60/30 x2 rounds.. side plank L/ side plank R/ plank or L-sit
Have a great Friday!!