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Happy Tuesday!

It’s strength day!

We’ll do our normal joint mobility and kettlebelll warm up.

We’ll keep it very simple today.

The Bear Complex is a very simple but effective combination for strength and conditioning.

Today we’ll be combining it with pull ups or ring rows in a ladder format.

If you are strong enough, you will do your pull ups with weight.

We’ll give you the choice of barbell or double kettlebell.

You will perform the bear complex from 1-5 and 5-1 reps alternated with a pull up or body weight row from 1-5 and 5-1.

We’ll finish up with 5×10 reps of abs:


  • Hanging knee raises
  • V-sits
  • Power Wheel or swing set knees to chest

Here’s an example of the bear complex done with a med ball