We’ll give you two different options on this one today…

If you need to deload and just go with body weight, we’ll give you that option.

Speaking of body weight. Check out my latest installment in Men’s Fitness here….

All body weight Men’s Fitness workout. (Please help me out “like” and “share”)

If you want to hit the bells hard…

We’ll give you that option too!

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up.

You will perform 10 sets of 5-10 reps of the following…

Here’s the kettlebell option:

    • Kettlebell swings or box jumps
    • Push  up/press options (pick one ring,down dog press,hindu etc..)
    • goblet squats or deck squats
    • ring rows or box rows or pull up variations
    • abdominal option

Body weight option
  • Suspended leg curls or box jumps
  • Push ups,ring push ups etc..
  • Deck squats or body weight squats
  • Rows
  • abs