Kettlebell or Body Weight Strength Flow

Let it flow in Friday at The Training Room with this classic kettlebell or body weight strength flow.

We will move non-stop for 5 minutes flowing from one movement to the next…

There will be both kettlebell and body weight options to choose from.

Perform each movement for 30 seconds (each side or alternate for a minute)

Here’s your flow with both kettlebell and body weight options.

Complete 4 rounds with a minute rest between each round.

  • 1 arm swing, clean, single leg deadlift, or bird dog
  • 1 arm press choice, push-up choice, shoulder tap
  • Split squat, alternate leg lunge
  • Upper body pull choice (ring row,1 arm row,renegade row or alternate arm row)
  • Abs (1 minute)


Pick 2 cardio options and alternate back and forth 40/20 x 10 sets, or 100 calories (whatever comes first).

Have an amazing Friday!