Kettlebell or Body Weight Strength

Tuesday is a strength focus at The Training Room with this efficient kettlebell or body weight strength circuit (done stationary)

This can be done with both weighted and body weight options.

We will go through each movement for 20 seconds and have a 10 second rest (static hold) before moving to the the next movement.

Feel free to go heavier where you need to.

It will look like this…

Kettlebell Circuit

  • 20 second clean (r)
  • Rack hold (r)
  • Press (r)
  • Overhead hold (r)
  • Squat (racked, goblet or body weight)
  • Hold at 90
  • 1 arm row (r)
  • Hold (up position)
  • Walkout
  • Hold (plank)

Repeat other side x 5 rounds each side

Body weight version

  • Superman or body weight hinge 
  • Hold
  • Push-up
  • Hold
  • Body weight squat
  • Hold
  • Ring row
  • Hold up
  • Ab choice
  • Hold


Pick 2 cardio options (example: row and ski) and do 20/10×5 on one the 20/10×5 on the other.

Go slay Tuesday!