Hey guys…

Wednesday will be a bit of a strength and conditioning combination.

You will have the choice of using double or single kettlebells.

We would like to see most of you use doubles unless you have some type of issue that doesn’t allow this to happen.

Warm up with a two round kettlebell warm up…

Complete 5 rounds of the following movements

Work for 40 seconds and rest for 20

Take 1:20 rest between rounds to adjust your weights if needed…

  • Hand to hand swings, or single arm swings switching half way 
  • See saw press or single arm press
  • Walking lunge (with or without weight)
  • Renegade rows or single arm rows
  • Lateral hand walks, walkouts or Power wheel walks

Take your time on these movements…

Challenge yourself, but never sacrifice  your form!!

Vending Machine Dean!

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