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Happy Thursday!

Here’s a nice strength workout to follow up yesterday’s challenging metabolic conditioning session.

Warm up with joint mobility and basic kettlebell skill practice.

This kettlebell strength workout can be done with a partner or solo.

If you’re working solo, you can circuit through the movements.

If you’re working with a partner, you will alternate with your partner. While one is working the other is recovering.  You will complete 5 sets of one movement before moving on to the next.

Have your partner closely watch your technique.

Of course, just like every strength workout we do, you will go heavy and try for personal bests.

We always want to strive for improvement.

We will do 5 sets of 5 reps of each movement:

  • Turkish get ups
  • One arm kettlebell push press
  • Renegade row or one arm ring row
  • Split squats
  • One leg dead lift

Get a good head to toe stretch in afterward.

Check the video section later for video on this workout.

Have a fantastic day, and let us know how you did with this by leaving a comment below.

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