5 Minute Kettlebell or Body Weight Complex

Hey Training Room family!

We hope you are doing well and that most of you grabbed a kettlebell from either of the gyms.

We are doing everything we can to help keep you fit and healthly during these crazy times! If you didn’t get a chance to grab a kettlebell, please reach out via email so we can make arrangements.

Please pay attention to your email and get on the app as well for updates and workouts and our YOUTUBE CHANNEL.
We are also working on plan to live stream classes coming soon! (wait until you see Milkman in green spandex)

Get aquainted with your kettlebell. It will be your new best friend for a while and PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW TO LET US KNOW YOU WHERE HERE!

We also welcome any questions you might have, so comment below! (PSSST…We love getting comments)

5 minutes non-stop for 5 rounds.

Single limb kettlebell movements.

Switch exercises every 30 seconds…

Let it flow from one to the next,

We will also give you a body weight option to this one!

  • Clean or single leg dead lift (single leg hinge for body weight)
  • Press (push ups or shoulder taps)
  • Split squat (weight or no weight)
  • Row (do light cardio for body weight)
  • Walkout or plank

Repeat other side!

Rest 1 minute between circuits

Finisher: 20-2 /1-10 Swings or step-ups /Burpees

Check the Milkman video…

More fun coming your way!